Drainage Improvements

MJ Thomas Engineering takes special care in designing today's drainage improvements to facilitate developed and future conditions for each site. Consideration is also given to potential development both upstream and downstream of the site to minimize any impact to not only our client, but to adjacent property owners as well. We work closely with clients to protect and preserve the surrounding environment and natural resources in accordance with state and local regulations.

Areas of Expertise

  • Topographic Analysis
  • Land Use Analysis for Runoff
  • Coefficient Determination
  • Overall Drainage Plans
  • Coordinate Drainage Projects with Other CIP Projects
  • Preliminary Reports including Cost-Benefit Analysis
  • Coordination with Various Federal Agencies, Corps of Engineers and FEMA
  • Storm Sewer Analysis
  • Urban Waterway and Drainage Design
  • Floodplain Reclamation Studies
  • Storm Drainage Hydraulics, Hydrology, Flood Control and Detention/Retention Studies
  • Water Shed Studies
  • Section 404 Permitting