Paving - Hardscape Improvements

Today's economic environment does not allow for an inefficient commitment of time or financial resources.

MJ Thomas Engineering understands the importance of structurally-sound, paved surfaces and offers its clients plans and solutions that, after careful analysis, satisfy your identified requirements utilizing cost-effective, solid materials.

Areas of Expertise

  • Thoroughfare Planning and Coordinating
  • Street Condition Surveys
  • Site/Campus Paving and Drainage Design
  • Rural and Urban Roadway Improvements
  • Rehabilitation and Reconstruction Projects
  • Right-of-Way Mapping and Procurement
  • Driveway, Parking and Site Vehicular/Pedestrian Movement Design
  • Utility Relocations Assessment
  • Assistance with Development of Capital Improvement Programs
  • Preliminary Report Preparation (including cost benefit analysis of alternatives)
  • Engineering Design
  • Assistance with Final Observations and Other Project Completion Tasks