Land and Site Development

MJT assists site development clients with off-site utilities to serve the tract, including the design of water and sanitary sewer treatment plants, pumping and water storage facilities, and water and sanitary sewer distribution. We offer comprehensive services including surveying; geotechnical, mechanical and electrical engineering; landscape architecture, irrigation design and construction management. Unless otherwise requested, site development work includes preparation of the boundary survey, platting and topographic survey. Plan preparation includes: site, grading, utility (water and sanitary sewer), drainage (drainage area map, storm sewer utilities and detention facilities, if required), sediment control and landscape/irrigation plans.

• K-12 School Site Development Engineering
• Parks and Recreation Development and Improvement
• Commercial Site Development Engineering
• Residential, Multi-Family, Mixed-Use Site Development Engineering
• Institutional Site Development Engineering
• Industrial Site Development Engineering
• Site Plan Development
• Probable Cost Opinions
• Public Funding City Development Agreements
• Franchise Utility Coordination
• Grading and Earthwork Design and Analysis
We will serve our clients with Integrity and Responsiveness to provide a Quality Product in a Timely
Manner and obtain Mutual Success of our projects.
• Infrastructure Design – Water, Sanitary Sewer, Paving, Drainage
• Sediment Control and Storm water Pollution Prevention Plans (SWPPPs)
• Landscape Architecture and Irrigation Design
• Sports Venue Designs
• Construction Administration and Coordination
• Record Drawings